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Siffusers DWB are designed for the purposes of ceiling ventilation in air conditioning and ventilation systems. They are distinguished by high induction index resulting from rotary and even outflow of air which leads to compensating temperature differences in a particular room. Due to their high air stream mixing efficiency they can be applied in ventilators with high exchange multiplication factor.


Diffusers are characterized by their functionality and reliability and fully meet the requirements defined by recipients.


Are applied in order to distribute supplied air stream in rooms



DWB-A1/190 mm - 623 mm

DWB-P1/245 mm - 623 mm

DWB-S1/400 mm - 623 mm

DWB-S2/310 mm - 600 mm

DWB-S3/300 mm - 600 mm

DWB-SLR1/315 mm - 630 mm


Distribution of supplied air
rotary and even air outflow
high ability to mix supplied air stream
removing air in low-pressure systems


To be installed in a suspended ceiling


made of galvanized metal sheet plate
casing in the form of an expansion box
inlet pins with a damper
rotary diffuser in the form of a panel with cylindrically cut guide vanes


Equipped with a control element

Expansion boxes for DWB-A1, -P1, -S1, -S2, -S3


Certification and attestation



MARKING- DWB-1-2-3-4-5-6


1 DWB - Type/size of diffuser

A1/ 190; 245; 301; 357; 412; 469; 498; 595; 623

P1/ 245: 300; 412; 500; 595; 625

S1/ 398;498;595;623

S2/ 310/8;  400/20: 500/24; 600/36; 600/48

S3/ 310/8; 400/16; 500/24; 600/36;  600/48

SLR1/ 315; 400; 500; 630


2 Material and colour

S – galvanised sheet with coating RAL9010

I – stainless steel(for A1; P1; S1; S2; S3)*


3 Regulation (only SLR1)

M – manual regulation

A1 – actuator on/off 24V*

A2 – Actuator with continious regulation 24V*

A3 – actuator on/off 230V*

A4 – actuator with contonious regulation 230V*


4 Insulated expansion box PB/fd

Diameter of supply spigot fd


5 Spigot inlet air execution (outlet):

HR – side round

VR – top round*


6 Dumper on inlet (outlet) air spigot of expansion box:

AD – dumper controlled by a line (regulation from inside)


Sample marking:


DWB-S2/300/8-S-M-PB/200-HR-AD – swirld difuser type S2, size 300/8 RAL9010 with insulated expansion box with dumper on inlet spigot fd = 200. Dumper regulation from inside.


DWB-S2/300/8-S-M-PB/200-HR – swirld difuser type  S2, size 300/8 RAL9010 without insulated expansion box with dumper on inlet spigo fd = 200.


*all options require separate order opcje wymagają oddzielnego zamówienia i wyceny indywidualnej




Detailed technical information is available in the product’s specification sheet in the DOWNLOAD section 

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