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NGO circular duct electric heaters

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NGO circular duct electric heaters

NGO heaters were applied in ventilation and heating systems with air ducts. They are designed to heat outdoor air in supply systems in such rooms as production shops, workshops, warehouses, shops and others.

They cooperate with the compact KCX recuperation unit by KLIMOR whose application results in the reduction of a building’s operation costs and ensures appropriate air comfort for all people inside it. 


It is used for heating a stream of air in circular ducts


capacity: 0,85 kW ÷ 36 kW
sizes: NGO 160 ÷ 400




For assembly in a round ventilation duct


Construction of a pipe coating made of galvanized metal sheet  plate

Connection box


Conventionally each heater is equipped with an overheating protection.
Optionally it is possible to equip the heater with an operation controller as well as a switchgear.

Certification and attestation


Marking - NGO-AAA-BB-C


AAA - rated duct diameter [dn] 160, 200, 250, 315, 400 mm


BB - heater’s power 0,86 kW - 36 kW


C - Power levels 


Sample marking of a heater NGO-200-12-2


Detailed technical information is available in the product’s specification sheet in the DOWNLOAD section

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